About Us

Jas and Monet the owners of Black Mentality Clothing

Jas and Monet started Black Mentality Clothing because most online store owners only cater to one gender or the other & considering we're business partners with totally different dressing styles; Jas dresses androgynous and Monet dresses more feminine, we wanted to create a one stop shop that embodied the both of us in one space.

Also, we wanted to target our culture with a meaning; so that is how we came up with our slogan "BUWCO (pronounce Boo - coo) meaning; By. Uniting. We. Can. Overcome" because with all the diversity issues going in the world we wanted to offer something FOR US, BY US!! Because we all can agree that when you look good, you feel good and when you feel good without breaking the bank; then its a GOOD DAY!

Along the way, we've had many wins like fulfilling over 250 orders since we launched back on May 31, 2020. We receiving many praises on our top tier customer service because we want to be known for striving hard to operate with perfection in every aspect of our business & by valuing each individual customers beauty and style. We also aim at maintaining our brand name and reputation by seeking satisfaction from all of our customers with our quality merchandise and affordable pricing. Top notch customer service is what we offer because Black Mentality Clothing is MORE than just a brand, ITS A LIFESTYLE.